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Top 5: Exhibitor mistakes and how to avoid them

5 common exhibitor mistakes and how to avoid them

Despite what may seem like obsessive preparation, many exhibitors find themselves repeating these common errors at their tradeshows and congresses. Don’t be like them—read our handy list, and be victorious! Here are 5 common exhibitor mistakes—and how to avoid them.
3 Things to: capture your audience at live events

3 Ways to capture your audience at events

They say you have seven seconds to make an impression before you lose someone’s attention. At an event such as a congress or trade show, you will likely have less time than that—with distractions coming at your audience from every direction. In an environment where brands pay handsomely for the chance to compete for your audience, how can you gain the edge you need to be successful? Here are 3 ways to capture your audience at events.
4 must have people

The 4 must-have people for your congress exhibit team

They say that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Luckily, we all need people—which I suppose makes us all the luckiest—which, in turn, renders the adage entirely meaningless. Forget I even brought it up.

A common problem organizations face is that their teams too-often consist of people who fill roles, instead of thriving within them, diminishing the group’s potential to truly shine. One place this is most relevant is during a congress or trade show exhibition—where your representatives actively shape the reality of your brand to those who interact with them. It’s well-understood that members of an exhibit team should be able to gel for a successful showing, but how do you know you’re building a team of thrivers instead of fillers? It starts with the right balance of strengths. Here are the 4 must-have people for your congress exhibit team.
3 Ways to harness digital marketing for your trade show exhibition

3 Ways to harness digital marketing for your trade show or congress exhibition

It seems like every time there’s a new digital technology, social media tool or gimmick—it exponentially increases the complexity of an already-dizzying array of options. As a marketer, you’d like to say you’re giving your brand every advantage—but can you ever be sure? While we can’t predict the future, or speak to the entire field of tools and options, we can offer some battle-tested tips to help you set the digital stage for success at live events. In this post, we’ll focus on 3 ways to harness digital marketing for your trade show or congress exhibition.
Top 10: Exhibit Essentials

The 10 most overlooked essentials for your trade show packing list

If you’re attending a trade show or congress this year—and planning to provide your own booth support—you’ll face a very long list of to-dos. Registration, badges, booth setup, lighting, etc. are all on your plate, and (understandably) top-of-mind. But we’re not here to talk about the big, obvious stuff today. Through many years of exhibit management, we’ve noticed that there are certain things exhibitors commonly find themselves in need of, but rarely ever have on hand. Below is a quick list of these items—compiled so that you can succeed where others have failed. Here are the 10 most overlooked essentials for your trade show packing list.

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