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Do I Need Exhibit Management?

Why Should I Consider End-to-End Exhibit Management? Ever hear the expression: Too many cooks spoil the broth? Modern day exhibitions are a mad house with exhibit and event management often thought of once the event is underway. While incredibly effective for audience engagement, many shy away from them because of the stress and complexity that goes along with a significant show presence. You have a lot riding on the success of your exhibit, and are spending a serious money to make it so. Why risk a small error becoming a major snafu? Consider end-to-end exhibit management.
Interactive Exhibit Management

Interactive Exhibit Management

With end-to-end exhibit and event management, everything – from initial concept, messaging, and design; all the way through to final logistics and execution – are kept in line by a single, dedicated team.  

So what does that look like in practice?


How to value your brand

What is brand value? According to Kotler’s Marketing Bible (Chapter 10), it is “the added value endowed on products and services. It may be reflected in the way consumers think, feel, and act with respect to the brand, as well as in the prices, market share, and profitability the brand commands for the firm”.

How do you measure the value of your brand? Theoretically, the brand value chain is a structured approach to assessing the sources and outcomes of brand equity and the manner in which marketing activities create brand value.

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