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multichannel strategy

Cutting through the noise: how a multichannel strategy can bring balance to your messaging

So you’ve crafted messages that are authentic, compelling, and relevant. Now what? It’s tempting to take the Field of Dreams approach (if you build it, they will come), but now is no time for laurel-resting (yanny-resting?). Your work is far from over.

Digital, sales reps, tradeshows, out-of-home… just a few channels through which you could reach your audience. But which to choose? What do you say on each, and how often? These are the questions that will lead you to your multichannel strategy.
World Asthma Day

Tracking FeNO: Have we found a new objective measure to help physicians tailor asthma therapies?

Asthma is one of the most widespread diseases on the planet.1 But when it comes to treatment and management, control has been difficult to accomplish for many. The common method for adjusting an asthma control regimen is stepwise—using easily apparent markers like frequency of symptoms, use of rescue medication, and asthma attacks.2,3

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