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World Parkinson's Day

Parkinson’s disease awareness: Do you know the signs?

It’s not always obvious when a friend or loved one has Parkinson’s disease, particularly in its early stages. But early diagnosis and intervention can be key to a patient’s quality of life with the disease. Below are 10 signs to watch out for, that may be indicators of Parkinson’s. No single one should cause worry, but if you or someone you know experiences multiple signs—please contact a doctor for further examination.
Win hearts with social cause marketing

Post Valentine’s Roundup: How your brand can win hearts by giving back

Valentine’s Day is finally out of the way! The chocolates and cards are deeply discounted. The unsold teddy bears have been shipped off to the local Goodwill, and single people everywhere have emerged from hiding—ready to face the world anew.

Your loved ones are likely still basking in the afterglow, following a full day of pampering and attention—and if done right, they’re still feeling the love. But what about your clients? Your target audiences? Have you done enough to keep them interested?

Super bowl winners and losers

Super Bowl LII: The real winners and losers

It’s that time of the year again—a time to sit back, and meticulously unpack the biggest television day of the year. A day that, for so many reasons, has inspired the hopes and dreams of many—and invariably disappointed many more.

So, let’s pick through the adventure that was, and see what we can learn. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, this list is substantial, but not exhaustive—and it’s organized it into 4 categories: “Nailed it,” “Got the job done,” “Meh,” “Huh?” and “Actually hurt the brand.”

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