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a sustainability strategy

Bracco is among the top players in the field of diagnostic imaging with over 3,000 employees worldwide.


At Tamooz, we strive to build solid relationships with our valued clients. Our journey with Bracco began as we answered the call to create a visionary sustainability strategy. Tamooz emerged, bringing together the vital factors to shape an approach that resonates with Bracco's profound commitment to a greener future. We conducted insightful interviews with key Bracco representatives and independent research, allowing Tamooz to put forth environmental plans across Bracco's entire value chain.

We structured the brand’s existing business values and translated them into a thoroughly planned, effective, company-wide strategy. Building on this robust sustainability strategy, Tamooz developed digital, print and story-driven marketing video collateral that contributed to Bracco’s brand narrative.

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In-depth research made reader-friendly

Tamooz analyzed large amounts of information to create concise, easy-to-understand marketing collaterals that comprise key takeaways on Bracco’s sustainability.

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