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an identity worthy
of a lofty cause

Ferring’s Reproductive Medicine & Maternity Health (RMMH) portfolio empowers women on their journey to motherhood. Tamooz artfully embodied Ferring RMMH's visual and verbal identity in the brand’s design language and core messaging.

Multifaceted expertise fashioned
as flower art

Tamooz encapsulated and portrayed the new Ferring RMMH portfolio’s harmonious entirety in the brand’s logo. Mother and child are central to the logo design, which encompasses all stages of maternity from conception to birth.

Portfolio Branding Guidelines

We infused new life into the RMMH portfolio, by crafting intricate, extensive branding guidelines that shape the audience-facing brand narrative of Ferring RMMH.


Powerful representation of the RMMH journey

We created a comprehensive, unified brand identity that communicates Ferring's holistic approach to women's reproductive health, ensuring their commitment to building families is recognized at every encounter with the brand.


Tamooz takes pride in ensuring Ferring's presence at congresses is a success. Ferring RMMH's new branding was brought to life at ESHRE, using state-of-the-art design to set them apart.

At the booth, delegates interacted with the brand’s portfolio on a digital panel as the logo bloomed in different colours, representing different products from the collection. Additionally, attendees learned about Ferring's values and were inspired by an exhibit depicting the brand's commitment to sustainability.

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