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WCD 2023

CeraVe, the leading dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, showcased its excellence at the World Congress for Dermatology 2023 under the umbrella of the L'Oréal portfolio.

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Collaborating closely with the visionary Emmy-awarded Creative Director, Rick Bluhm, and the dynamic CeraVe team, Tamooz spearheaded the creation of an exceptional booth at WCD 2023 in Singapore.  Our mission was to craft a distinct and captivating experience, utilizing innovative digital activities that not only 

captured attention but also converted passers-by into engaged participants.
The booth was a dynamic representation of CeraVe's commitment to staying ahead of the curve at the forefront of skincare.

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Immersive Engagement with Interactive Touch Tables

Tamooz brought innovation to life with a bespoke application, enabling visitors to explore CeraVe products in a unique way. Users were able to select CeraVe products, placing them on the table to reveal in-depth details.

A 3D Vision Come to Life

We transformed CeraVe’s vision into a mesmerizing 3D video that grabbed the attention of passers-by. The visually stunning display drew in crowds and attracted visitors to come and explore the world of CeraVe.

Entertaining Gamification and Larger-than-life Photobooth Experience

In collaboration with the CeraVe team, Tamooz brought forth an entertaining gamification experience that added an extra layer of enjoyment for attendees. Our booth also featured a larger-than-life 3D bottle, complete with a drop of cream pouring out. Visitors were invited to get their picture taken in a range of entertaining ways, creating a memorable experience with CeraVe.

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