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World Congress of Dermatology

Singapore 2023

Galderma is a leading dermatology brand delivering innovative, scientifically sophisticated, and rigorously developed advanced therapeutics. The company specializes in therapeutic dermatology, dermatological skincare, and injectable aesthetics.

For over a decade, Tamooz has been Galderma’s partner, seamlessly crafting the brand’s dynamic presence on the global stage. Our partnership is built on a foundation of mutual trust, a relentless work ethic, and an understanding of Galderma's unique requirements. This synergy has consistently propelled the brand's impact at each congress, presenting delegates with an unmatched premium encounter,  and enriching every aspect of their interaction with the brand.

At the World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore in 2023, Galderma’s strategy of a comprehensive patient journey spanning “every skin journey” was skillfully brought to life through an unparalleled digital ecosystem, an immersive experience of an intricately designed booth that radiates sophistication.


An all-star

We brought to life a stellar rendition of the Gardens by the Bay in an attention-grabbing, photograph-worthy space that drew crowds.


The success measured
and analyzed

We collected and processed data through cutting-edge GDPR-compliant heat map sensors, interactive digital activities, and lead-collection tools to use acquired insights for future congresses.

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